Zucchini flan

Time 50 mins
People 6
Very easy Cheap


Number of persons 6

1 kg zucchini

100 g grated Gruyère cheese (60 g Gruyère cheese + 40 g Parmesan cheese)

8 spoons of milk

6 eggs

20 basil leaves


Total Time: 50 mins
Preparation: 15 min
Cooking: 35 min
Cut the zucchini into very thin rings. Brown them in olive oil. .
Beat the eggs and add the cheese + salt + pepper + basil + milk.
Throw the preparation on the zucchini. Stir. DO NOT TAKE “L’OMELETTE”.
Put in the oven 180 ° C for 35 min.
SERVE COLD OR HOT with mayonnaise sauce + hot ketchup.

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