Jersey Shore Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve been intake these delicious treats for thirty years! they’re a staple on the walk of the New Jersey lineation. Get your napkins, they’re mussy however fabulous!

10 mins
10 mins
2 sandwiches


4 (4 inch) frozen waffles, toasted
1 cup vanilla frozen dessert
1 cup strawberry frozen dessert
1 cup chocolate frozen dessert, softened
½ cup chocolate sauce
DirectionsInstructions listing
Step 1
Arrange a pair of waffles on a serving plate. Divide vanilla frozen dessert, strawberry frozen dessert, and chocolate frozen dessert equally over waffles and drizzle with chocolate sauce. prime with remaining waffles to make a pair of sandwiches.

Per Serving:

739.7 calories; macromolecule eleven.9g pure gold DV; carbohydrates 121.1g thirty ninth DV; fat twenty four.6g thirty eighth DV; steroid alcohol sixty nine.7mg twenty third DV; Na 621mg twenty fifth DV.

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